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All ProductsAmerican Drug WarDVD
All ProductsAmerican Drug WarDVD

American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny (DVD)

American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny - An emotional roller coaster meets the most current cutting edge information regarding the fight to “re-legalize” the Cannabis plant to be used as medicine. (DVD, ALL Regions, NTSC, Length 1:30, NOT RATED)

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American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny From the frontlines of the battle to legalize marijuana comes “American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny.” The November 2012 elections saw pot being fully legalized in two states. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans in places like Texas and Florida continue to be arrested. The film asks the question on every pot smokers' mind: what happens next? “American Drug War 2” has something for even the hardened pot activists and is already being revered as one of the most important marijuana documentaries to date. The film follows the traumatic story of a young boy named Cash Hyde who is repeatedly denied cannabis oil, the only medicine that appears to shrink his brain tumor. ADW2 also documents the saga of filmmaker Booth and his wife becoming foster parents and encountering the over prevalent use of pharmaceuticals on foster kids. These stories and much more underline the film’s theme of children being the ultimate victims of American drug policy. HIGH TIMES magazine October 2013 by Mary Ought Six Award winning director Kevin Booth has achieved a great feat with his new documentary “American Drug War 2: cannabis Destiny”. Seven years after his original documentary “American Drug War: the last white hope” Booth now reveals the most innocent victims of the heinous War on Drugs: children. The film is dedicated to the memory of its young shinning star, Cash Hyde, whose parents administered concentrated cannabis oil to him via his feeding tube after Cash’s doctors had all but given up hope regarding the peanut-sized tumor growing in his brain and the massive damage that Cash’s little body had sustained from chemotherapy regimens. The evidence is marshaled by the film-that cannabis oil not only extended Cash’s life but improved its quality in his final days-transcends the anecdotal, as well as melts and breaks one’s heart. The Drug War, however, doesn’t just stop at depriving medical marijuana patients of relief, nor does its impact end at our country’s borders. Booth takes viewers to Juarez, Mexico, where the country’s drug cartels recruit mere boys willing to murder, many of whom sign up at the slightest prospect of financial reward. Booth also recounts the journey taken by him and his wife through the foster-care system, where pharmaceutical companies reveal themselves as legal cartels and children in the care of our government get through each day on high doses of prescription speed, sleep via heavy barbiturates and are tightly held inside the system under a mountain of scrutiny, bureaucracy and ugly profit.